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ECO Habitats Of Urban Sustainable Experiences™

Creating a GREENER 
tomorrow TODAY

"Architects, if they are really to be comprehensive, must assume the enormous task in thinking in terms always disciplined to the scale of the total world pattern of needs, its resource flows, its recirculatory and regenerative needs."

- Richard Buckminster Fuller

ECOhouse Services

ECOhouse specializes in:


  • Sustainable design

  • Coastal Development

  • Coastal Permit Processing

  • Discretionary Permit Processing

  • Custom Homes

  • Multi-family Development

  • Commercial Development

  • Tenant Improvements​


We also have experience in:


  • Large Retail Projects

  • Food and Beverage Facilities

  • Retail Showrooms

  • Office Buildings

  • Entertainment Studios​

Project Planning Lab

Getting the right information to start your project is incredibly important. Saving you time and money knowing your options from the beginning.  We provide the site research and feasibility options you need to make informed decisions regarding your project. Meet with our team to define your style, program, and project specifics. You will have a clear understanding of the process from start to finish. Find out more and schedule your personal Project Planning LAB.

"We designed this L.A.B. (learn, apply, build) because there is a huge issue in the construction industry of people starting design and construction before they have fully done their research and homework.


The consequence of inadequate upfront research of your needs and options is like building a house on a bad foundation. The foundation is the most important part of the building because everything is built on top. It is very expensive to change the foundation once you have started to build on top of them.  It is very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.  So we spend a little more time on the research rather than rush into the design phase.


We will not rush this step. It only causes cost over runs later if we take short cuts and don’t establish a solid foundation.


The valuable insights you gain from this first phase can be used by us or any other architect and will ultimately produce a better result for you.  This Project Planning L.A.B. starts a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then to give findings and recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and budget."

What we provide:


  • Site visit  

  • Research possibilities of site / viability

  • Research codes and constraints

  • Project concept outline / program

  • Project needs: services, consultants, required studies and calculations

  • Project finances: estimated city fees, expected budget

  • Timeline and process prior to building

  • Production of report  included

  • Travel expenses within San Diego County (all other areas beyond this are priced at cost)

What to expect at the L.A.B.:


  • Review planning lab report

  • Results of site inspection

  • Consider project scope in detail and weigh options

  • Examine the look and feel of the project

  • Assess estimated budget and budget expectations

  • Evaluate service options

  • Discuss process prior to building

  • Space plan sketch to start design discussion

  • Fee proposal for architectural services and estimated consultant fees

  • Explain future L.A.B.'s that continue to ensure the finished project you expect


Urban Infill San Diego

What is urban infill?

Why is urban infill sustainable?

How does urban infill work?

Who benefits from urban infill?

How to create smart growth

Let's talk about how to make your project GREEN

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