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Team members of Ecohouse

"We shape our buildings thereafter they shape us"  -Winston Churchill

Who We Are

ECOhouse is an architectural practice based in San Diego California. ECOhouse was formed when Elizabeth Carmichael decided to follow her heart and focus on sustainable design and giving clients a chance to see and touch real eco friendly building products that are available today. Since that time ECOhouse has grown rapidly focusing on a sustainable approach to innovative design and creating diverse architecture of lasting quality. This combination combines a genuinely progressive approach to design by a firm with a strong track record in feasibility, management and deliverability.


While collaborating with vendors, consultants and construction professionals who bring innovation and bring technically literate design skills to the drawing board. Offering full architectural services from conception to construction, ECOhouse provide personalized service based on a thorough understanding of your goals and requirements. ECOhouse works closely with each client to bring ideas to life on time and within budget. ECOhouse pays attention to detail and provides a professional approach to produce timeless results with integrity. We focus on the coordination and accuracy of drawings to help ensure the highest quality construction.


We spend consultation time with our clients prior to starting design: Seeking the core questions clients face and establish a shared relationship. Our goal is to provide answers with greater clarity and quality that transcends our clients expectations.

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